Married with children, Peggy Bundy 65 years old 2019

This year, 65-year-old Katey Sagal, alias Peggy Bundy ;)

The actress at age 65 looks younger and younger

The ‘Married… with Children’ series, loved by everyone, laughed the audience between 1986 and 1997, 11 years and 11 seasons. Of course, his characters have become iconic. For example, Peggy Bundy was a very lazy housewife, Al Bundy’s wife, who practically sat on the couch all day and didn’t know the housework or the normal child rearing. Yet it was extremely funny and easy to do, not to say so dramatically, this year’s 65-year-old Katey Sagal.

It is unbelievable that about 22 years have passed since the shooting, and the actress has changed almost nothing. In fact, maybe it is more beautiful than it was then.

See how beautiful Katey Sagal is now painting!

Photos via: noizz

A little nostalgia

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