Dog walking with 4 games Photo by from Pexels

This is your dog’s highlight of the day – roll up your routine with 4 simple games

The daily routine of dog walking is part of the life of every owner and dog. We often forget that our dog’s highlight of the day and beyond doing the things he needs is sniffing and meeting other dogs in the best case, perhaps the best thing about being with his best friend and family.
We own, but we tend to walk through the routine, stop a bit in the routine places, and if it is the time or the mood, we try to get it down as soon as possible.

That’s why let’s put the gadgets for that one or two hours, pay attention to our dog. Make the daily walks exciting with games that will not only physically wear your dog but also put you in a mental position.

1. Treasure Hunt

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Hide your dog’s favorite game, ball somewhere in the park behind a tree, or next to a bush and try to get him to find it. First, do it to see where you are going and where you leave the ball, so you will find it easier and you will have a success at the beginning. If the dog has found the treasure, reward it with a snack. It is also a good time to practice the “stay” command until you hide the game.

2. Obstacle course

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Break the routine by inserting a small obstacle. Don’t think of big things, just those that face you on the street or in the park. A small staircase, up and down bench, bypassing columns, anything new to the dog.

3. Stop, you can go!

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It is very simple but the more attention you need from the dog to the simple stop, we start the game. Stop walking and give out the command: Stay! Then come the following command: Walk! Reward motivation for correct execution. Such a simple task develops attention, obedience, and harms the dog mentally.

4. Follow me

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It is also a very simple game to make your walk more exciting, bring our dog’s attention and deepen your dog-owner relationship. You can do well in the park, just change direction suddenly while walking, turn right, left or right. So your dog must keep an eye on you and the direction you went.

For common games, you can only limit your imagination, play and enjoy each other, as there is so little time to spend with them during the rush of everyday life.