Yalla 73m CRN

The Italian shipyard is an eye-catching and astonishing designer of all-time luxury yachts.

The past and present of the company

The Shipyard was founded in Ancona in 1963 by entrepreneur Sanzio Nicolini, under the name ‘Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali’. From this it became known as CRN. The name of the company is world-renowned, the name means style, elegance and luxury.

The company’s initial goal is to date in their plans and works. The key to success is precise and high quality design and execution. CRN has always dealt with excellent, demanding and respected customers. Already in the sixties CRN yachts reached 15-20 meters and their design was immediately recognizable. The first real success was a 23-meter yacht, which was the flagship of the SuperConero, making CRN an international reputation.

SuperConero 23m

In 1999 CRN joined the Ferretti Group, a world leader in the design, construction and sale of motoryachts, with a unique portfolio of prestigious and exclusive brands at world level.
The first step in this new phase was the project Magnifica, a 43-metre megayacht designed by Nuvolari & Lenard and launched in 2001, the first craft in a very successful range. In the same year CRN and Custom Line merged to form the Ferretti Group’s Ancona-based megayacht operation.
In 2002 CRN reached a new goal which further strengthened its know-how and production capacity, by purchasing the adjacent shipyard Mario Morini, a historical brand in ship building. The union between the two shipyards created new imposing premises with a surface of 80 thousand square metres.
The launching of vessels followed immediately, just as the concept of “fully customized” megayachts in steel and light aluminium alloy was being introduced.

Here’s a collection of the company’s most famous yachts:

Fath Al Khair 47m
Azzurra 47,50m
Alwaeli 67,80m
Ability 54m
Givi 60m
Romance 57m
Darling Danama 60m

In January 2012, the Ferretti Group was taken over by the Chinese group SHIG-Weichai, who invested to become the majority stakeholder with a 75% share. Like the rest of the Group’s brands, CRN too was involved in the transfer to the new Chinese owners, but was able to maintain its strong identity and historical name.
In the most recent years other yachts have been launched, which are sure to became iconic symbols of the Shipyard, including 60m J’Ade (2012) and the Navetta 43 Lady Genyr (2013), both designed in cooperation with Zuccon International Project and CRN’s own Interior Design and Decor department, who was responsible for the décor. A particularly innovative feature on the J’Ade is the floodable garage for the tender – with beach area and integrated salon – a world first for this type of boat. On 12 January 2013, right at the beginning of the year marking its fiftieth anniversary, the Shipyard launched its one hundred and twenty-ninth megayacht, 80m long Chopi Chopi, the largest yacht ever built by CRN in its half a century of history.
The year 2014 has so far seen two more key moments in the history of CRN: the first has been the launch of Saramour (61m), the first megayacht conceived in collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski Design and which is a real and magnificent floating “art gallery”. The second one has been the launch of Yalla(73m), a true design icon realized in partnership with Omega Architects. Yalla is also the first vessel to be built by CRN on its new 12.50 m-wide naval platform.

via J’Ade 60m
via Chopi Chopi 80m
via Yalla 73m

And here’s a video of the magic that CRN has given the world! Enjoy 😉