chinese statue

$ 2.1 million for a 16.5 centimeter Buddhist statue. Sotheby’s auction – New York. (Photo and Video)

Following a 7-minute bidding battle, a gilt-bronze figure of Cintamanicakra Avalokiteshvara soars to $2.1 million, over 25x its $80,000 high estimate.
The gold-plated bronze Buddhist statue was bought for twenty years by a seller in a garage shop in Missouri. The seller remembers that he paid $ 75 and $ 100 for the statue 20 years ago.

This statue is not ancient, but very beautiful. From $ 2.1 million, 38,888 pieces of this bronze statue can be taken.

“The buyer would keep 1 piece and give 38887 pieces as a gift to others.” 🙂