Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing and Test

Serious problems have been encountered during the tests, and several journalists have indicated on the community side that the display simply went wrong. This is a first-generation product, so if you have a problem, you don’t have to be surprised, but as it is a $ 2,000 product, the testers find the errors rather than the users.
The other important thing is that the phone has a base foil that many people have tried to remove. This is not allowed! Among other things, MKBHD also posted on Twitter that it began to peel off the foil and the display failed, it didn’t turn on any more.
The good news is that Samsung has already responded. They wrote to investigate all the defective devices to find out the cause of the error. The answer to the foil was that it is a layer that is part of the display structure and basically protects the display against scratches. However, if this is removed, the display may fail.

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