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How to use Erotic to sell your Property | Awesome Commercial | XIT4U

Erotic Ad – Luxury home

There are people who do not bother with description, just take a video staff to the luxury house, invite a few naked or lingerie girls and guys and go … and whoever thinks of porn is wrong. It’s not porn, it’s just an erotic home ad, but it’s also a soft-software-erotic sort, but damn it, we’d love to see you.
The great master of the genre is Neo Property, who has already shot some of the videos that are just a little, or even completely removed clothes from the dear actors, here are a few advertisements from them. Probably there are no house is for sale.

15 Beechwood Close | ‘Palazzo on Beechwood’

15 Queen Anne Court Sovereign Island – Uncensored by NEO Property

50 Lakelands Drive – Lakelands

92 Savoy Drive, Broadbeach Waters QLD By Ian Adams

Sold Uner The Hammer By Mark Mason – Mason Plus

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