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Honor Watch Magic is a professional fitness mentor

The market for wearable smart devices has been gaining billions of dollars in recent years. So, more and more manufacturers are trying to take part in the market. Among them is Huawei, which also offers such products under the Honor brand they run. We are now presenting the Honor Watch Magic product.

Always sporty and elegant

Smart watches are wearable devices that in most cases are accessories for a smartphone, so they are not considered to be a complete tool in themselves. This device is also the case, as you will need a mobile phone or an application installed to be able to enjoy all of its features. Honor Watch Magic strengthens a group of intelligent chronometers dedicated to direct sporting and active pastime, full of features associated with exercise. The device is available in two colors. The style of the smartwatch is adult and elegant. The water, shock, and dustproof enclosures and buttons are made of metal, with a circular, scratch-resistant glass panel with a 1.2-inch color OLED display. The belt is interchangeable. At the bottom of the device are magnets to connect to the charger and sensors. The latter measure the pulse, the distance traveled, the speed, are responsible for accurate positioning, to name just a few examples, so they are responsible for making the product truly versatile.

Huawei Honor Watch Magis SmartWatch FitnessWatch
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It measures everything

The device records, processes and evaluates all our movements. So, if we go running, swim, or ride a bike, we can see for example the distance traveled, the number of steps, the rate of increase, the maximum and average speed, the change in heart rate, and how much calories we burn according to the software. To do this, you need to install a separate application on your mobile. Because of the software Huawei Health, we can see the values, the program saves them naturally, so they can be retrieved at any time. Application management is simple, its structure is logical, so it’s easy to use. In addition, Health also includes a so-called personalization feature. You have plenty of built-in workouts that you just have to follow if you want to achieve good results. So you can start running from scratch and tell you exactly how much time and intensity you need to run, when to walk, and turn it on again. And since the clock records our performance, the software can also verify that we have followed the instructions, and if not, it also indicates this.

Huawei Honor Watch Magic SmartWatch FitnessWatch
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The package also includes an interesting sleep test function. If we leave the clock on our hands for the night, we can watch in the morning the total number of hours we slept, in what quality, that is, how much sleep, the REM phase, and the really deep sleep. What’s more, the software also produces a spectacular graph. All this is calculated from the physiological data collected by the structure. The clock can also be used by itself, but in this case, it is necessary to cancel some of the related functions: it shows the time, the number of steps, the pulse, the timer can be switched on and the alarm can be programmed. You can indicate if you have received a message or if you are calling, but you can no longer talk to it or listen to music. The image quality and brightness of the 390 x 390 pixel display are also good, making it easy to use in sunlight. The relatively high resolution allows you to choose from a variety of graphical interfaces.

Huawei Honor Watch Magic SmartWatch FitnessWatch
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Who should choose this smartwatch

Anyone who loves exercise, hiking, walking or cycling, or maybe would just go into the sport, has a good chance of enjoying the Honor Watch Magic. It’s just a good idea to browse the values, compare with the older results, see the progress, or analyze what we did differently and what the results were. It is also very good that the software offers complete training plans, and the sleep analysis function is clearly one of its strengths. The outside of the watch is great. The treatment is simple too, so to sum up, you can get an absolutely sympathetic smartwatch in Honor Watch Magic, which we can offer to the lovers of the movement with a good heart.

Huawei Honor Watch Magic SmartWatch FitnessWatch

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