omega-3 fatty acids

5 things you didn’t know about omega-3 fatty acids

If you want to live healthy and prevent cardiovascular disease, it is important to eat it. This has been fixed in everyone in recent years, but what else can we know about omega-3 fatty acids?

When we think of conscious nutrition, health preservation, the group of fats is said to be bad and we try to avoid them in a big curve. However, we must know that there are bad fats (trans fatty acids and saturated fats) that really have to be left out of our food, but there are foods that contain good (mono or polyunsaturated) fats, and the latter is especially needed because they contain a lot of vitamins and they are a serious source of energy.

This category includes omega-3 fatty acids. Get to know them better!

1. Cardinally important, we can’t produce it

Included in the group of essential fatty acids is a substance that the body necessarily needs for its healthy functioning, but it cannot produce it by itself;

2. It is found in large quantities in the mangalica fat

When it comes to omega-3 fatty acids, everyone will remember the fish first. It is a fact that cold water fish contain large amounts of it, but we do not always have to consume salmon. Many plants include this, example nuts, chia seeds, broccoli. It may be surprising, however, that there is a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids in the fat of mangalica living in Hungary. According to research at the University of Debrecen, omega-3 in mangalica fat is 2-3 times higher than in some fish species!

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3. Rejuvenates the skin

There are hardly any women who wouldn’t get their heads up with this. Omega-3 increases the water-holding capacity of skin cells, making the overall effect softer and more flexible – with hydrated, wrinkle-free skin, we’ll show you years less. In addition, the EPA in omega-3 fatty acids also blocks the production of harmful enzymes in the sun, giving the skin a healthier look.

4. Helps to lose weight

Omega-3 is rich in foods, keeping the feeling of fullness, and reducing your appetite. In addition, it spins your metabolism thoroughly, allowing you to burn more calories, making your body’s fat-to-muscle ratio much more optimal.

5. PMS will be easier for him

We all react differently to the period before menstruation, there are those who have a problem with mood swings, eating constraints, general lethargy or bloating. Omega-3 also plays a role in alleviating depressive symptoms, anxiety and feeling full.

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