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4 ways to Maximalize your workout recovery

The focus shouldn’t be on how fast you recover, but instead on how productive your recovery is.

Sounds great if you go to a gym, but it is not enough. The work will be starting after your workout. The next for tips are so important and necessary to maximalize your workout. All of them serve your recovery.


The protein main feature that assists in recovery the muscles. On the other hands help to prevent the inflammation and consent the fluid balance. There are many important things what it does.

Turkey, chicken, fish, egg, dairy product, leguminous and oatfeed. If you eat all of these you are guaranteed to do the best yourself.

The ideal for normal people is between half and one grams. for example, if your weight is 82 kg,  would be the best between 41-82 grams from protein.


Your muscle is created by water at 73 %. So if you drink enough water then your muscle becomes a hydrated condition. Your nutrient uptake will be working better. On the other hand, if your fluid intake is not enough, the toxin isn’t able to leave from your body.

Our fluid needs are between 2,5-3 liter but if you make sport regularly you feel free yourself to drink even 4-5 liter.


During exercise, your body loses vitamins through perspiration and metabolism, especially water-soluble vitamins such as B complex. In addition to carbohydrates and proteins, your body needs certain vitamins to help metabolize replenish cellular energy, repair damaged tissues and reduce free radicals.

A-vitamin source: daily product and cereals

B-vitamin source: meat and wholemeal grain

C-vitamin source: fruits and vegetables

D-vitamin source: mushroom, egg and liver


Really, this is as indispensable as things over after a workout. Your muscle rebuild and recovery during sleep. Quality for your sleep is as important as the amount of it.

Normal people average resting time is about 6-9 hours!

Focus & Effort
“Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort. And we control both.” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson